About Us


It may appear that purchasing bricks is easy, but in reality it is not and it is very important to select the right one as bricks are the building block of any building's structure and choosing the right kind of brick can be very beneficial for you in long term. This is true because the quality of brick contributes towards the strength, durability, fire resistance and the extent of tolerance of the building from changing weather conditions.

Having said that, we bring at your service genuine homemade finest quality bricks that serve as an excellent building unit for your home. Our bricks are made from excellent quality clay and have superior mechanical properties and dimensional stability as compared to any other mass counterparts that are available in the market. The size and shape of our bricks have accurate evenness and uniformity. They have light weight and density due to which their handling is very easy and they can be easily laid down for construction.

Apart from the mechanical properties and dimensional stability, they are available in colors that give an exceptionally good look to your buildings. They are cost effective and their maintenance is quite easy. Painting and plaster at regular intervals can help in increasing the durability of our bricks. They are less porous and you will never face the problem of water seeping.

Get the finest quality bricks from us at very reasonable price range. Our bricks are preferred by all home builders due to best quality and durability.